Wharfedale Pro Line Array Tuning Tips

Date Posted:20 October 2021 

To get the most from any line array, it needs setting up correctly. Without tuning and refining, the system will not deliver to its full potential.


The system not only needs to be tuned to the room or venue, but the individual elements of the array need to be tuned to work perfectly in relation to each other.  By following the 4 ‘Tuning Tips’ below you can improve the overall performance of your line array.


As elements are combined, the lower frequencies are proportionally increased.  Therefore, when more elements are used, more LF reduction is needed.


Higher frequencies are reduced in energy by distance.  This is as a result of air absorption.  To compensate for this energy loss over distance, Peaking or Bell filters should be used.  

The amount of energy absorbed by air also changes as a result of humidity.  So always think about this constantly variable loss (or comparative gain) of HF energy.



The physical shape of the array has a profound impact on its sonic performance.  These physical considerations should be compensated for within the DSP EQ to ensure a smooth frequency response.

a)  A flat array using minimum splay angles between the elements will naturally have a boost in the mid frequency (around 630 Hz – 2 KHz)

b)  A curved array will have a reduction in mid frequency bands (around 630 Hz – 2 KHz)


Having the subwoofers physically aligned in the same plane as the array elements is the ideal scenario.  However, this is not always possible. In situations where the subwoofers and the array elements cannot be physically aligned, a DSP delay should be used.

1 ms (milliseconds) delay for every 0.34 m (@15° C) can get you an acceptable result. 

It is highly recommended that further fine-tuning should be done by using one of the many industry standard measurement software systems, reference microphones and soundcards.


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