Wharfedale Microphones

Date Posted:1 February 2019 

Wharfedale are not just speakers? Really?

I have been misguided. Not really, I have probably not been paying attention, or microsleeping through the information that has been provided to me . . . but I have already digressed!

I did not know that Wharfedale are not just speakers. What I mean, or what I am attempting to say, is that Wharfedale does more products than a vast range of speakers! They also manufacture speakers, but did you know that as well as manufacturing speakers Wharfdale also have microphones?! It makes sense to have microphones and speakers. They work hand in hand, the mic pics up the sound and sends it out through the speaker. It is an incredible partnership, just like dippy eggs and toast. You can have one with out the other, but why would you want to? It just doesn't work?

The pointy part of the conversation is that not only does Wharfedale have microphones, they sell a package of 3 cardioid dynamic mucrophones in a pack of three at a very affordable price! For those of you that have backup singers, here is your mics, ready to go, in a set! Maybe you just want to have three mics pointed at your face, or props on stage? Maybe a mic for the bedroom, the bathroom and the stage. However you would use three mics, this package comes with them.

They are a nifty little mic weighing only abou 300 grams, with solid cast metal alloy housing, and a 3 pin gold plated male XLR connector, waiting for you to plug your cable in!

This microphone is a great vocal mic, being a dynamic, supercardioid with -52bD sensitivity.

Having said all this, me, the writer of this, is in no way an audio technician. If you do want to know if this microphone will suit your needs or if you would like to speak with an audio technician, please contact us bu phone or email. We are always happy to help.

If you want to know more about this Wharfedale mic, click here:  Wharfedale Super Cardioid Dynamic Microphone 3 pack in case


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