NEW PRODUCT! Wharfedale Pro Diamond Studio Monitors - in stock now!

Author: admin   Date Posted:10 December 2021 

New Products in Stock NOW and Selling Quickly!!

The new Wharfedale Pro Diamond Studio Bluetooth monitors are high quality studio monitors, with the sonic detail required for intricate audio work, but they also have a Bluetooth input which allows these professional monitors to also be used in a home entertainment environment. Honest, practical and transparent audio built by Wharfedale Pro.

• Honest, uncoloured sound
• Bluetooth input with TWS stereo linking 
• Balanced inputs - XLR, 6.3 mm combi jack
• RCA stereo inputs

• Bi-amplified. Class AB (HF) and Class D (LF)
• Woven fibreglass composite LF cones
• Diamond Studio 5-BT : 140 watts continuous
• Diamond Studio 7-BT : 150 watts continuous


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