General Return Policy
All returns must have a Production Shop Returns Authorisation associated with them. Any returns that don’t have a Returns Authorisation are liable to be refused at our dock and will turn back up with you. Unless there’s a pack of Tim Tams, a slab of decent beer or a bottle of Bundy accompanying the shipment and even then chances are that you’ll get the goods back but not the consumable. Give us a call before sending something back & we'll raise the Returns Authorisation.

Unless otherwise specified below, the following rules apply to all returns;
  • All returns must be made within 14 days of original shipment,
  • A 20% restocking fee applies to all returns, be they stock or non-stock items,
  • All returned items must be in their original packaging, complete with manuals, documentation etc.
  • The Production Shop does not accept returns of consumables, i.e. gel, batteries, gaffer tape,
  • The Production Shop mirrors the warranties of its lamp suppliers. Depending on the lamp manufacturer, the type of lamp and the circumstances of its failure, we may accept the return or we may not,*
  • Credits for returned goods will be raised on receipt of those goods by The Production Shop, unless shipping the thing back is not worth the money, when we will credit and ask you to send us a picture of the item destroyed for our records.
  • "Store credit" is no longer an option that we offer.
  • We will only ever credit money back onto a credit, debit or EFTPOS card if that card was used to make the original purchase.
*Please note; rated lamp life is a ballpark number. 50% of the test batch of a lamp rated to 500 hours blow before the 500 hour mark.

Returns of Faulty Goods
The Production Shop mirrors the warranties of its suppliers. Please see the Warranty section of the item you bought on our website or give us a call. We will, obviously, waive any restocking fee on a faulty item.

Returns of Incorrectly Shipped Goods
As with returns of faulty goods, we will waive any restocking fee on anything we ship you incorrectly.

Returns of Goods Damaged in Transit
Whilst we take every care to ensure goods leave our premises sufficiently packaged to survive the trip, there are times when whatever we have done has not been enough for the goods to have survived being run over, left in the rain, dropped from the top of the Sky Needle or whatever other mysterious and extreme fate boxes in transit sometimes fall prey to.

If your goods get to you and they look like they’ve taken a beating in transit, please take photos of any damage to the items, as well as photos of the packaging & give us a call within a day of the shipment getting to you. We’ll need you to send us the photos so we can begin the assessment & claim processes as soon as possible.

Provided the damage is definitely a shipping thing, we will accept the return and waive any restocking fee, but please be sure to call us before sending them back so we can raise a Returns Authorisation and/or arrange for them to be collected from you so you don’t incur any extra cost.
Australasian Lighting Industry Association