I've just registered and gone to place an order but the system isn’t letting me process it through to completion. Why?
For security reasons and to ensure we give you the correct pricing, our system is set up so that we must approve each new account’s ability to order stuff. We try to get this done within a business hour or so of your registering but if you need us to do it sooner or you think we have somehow missed the notification of a new account, give us a call on 1300 099 492 and we will sort it as soon as.

No price appears against the item I want to purchase/get a quote on, just the words “Call to order." Why?
Some of the gear we sell is custom, made to order or is of a high enough value so that variations in rates of currency or raw material exchange make coming up with a catch-all price that makes sense rather difficult. Whilst we could simply put a massive markup on it that takes all of these factors into account and then some, we don’t feel that would be especially helpful to our customers and would make you go elsewhere as a result. So, if you’re looking for a quote on any item advertised as “Call to Order,” give us a shout on 1300 099 492 and we will put something together for you that ensures you’re getting the best deal we can offer based on the most up to date information we have.

I’ve forgotten my login credentials. All of them, including the secret question etc. Help?
Give us a call. Once we’ve taken you through a set of security questions over the phone, we can reset your credentials and have you back up & running in no time.

Can I come to collect from your shop in Brisbane?
During normal business hours? Of course! For a map and directions see our Find Us page (link at the very top of this one.)
Outside of normal business hours? Depends. Are you bringing the beer?

Are you open on Saturdays?
No. We've thought about it, and may well do it at some stage if demand for it gets high enough but for the time being, we remain closed on Saturdays.

I have a special/big project. Can you guys better your advertised pricing for this?
Absolutely. We can do project-specific pricing. Give us a call and depending on the product & the quantities we may well be able to leverage something for you.

Do you guys do swag?
Who’s asking, what are you going to buy and/or what kind of swag do YOU do?
Do you do Demonstrations? 
These can be arranged by appointment on products we distribute

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