LEE Filters: In successful companies, continuous achievement is driven by innovation and understanding. Creating a product or process is only a first step - maintaining the momentum of the progress and success over many years requires a demanding set of disciplines.

LEE Filters and Lee Gels, are proud to say that they have earned and kept their reputation as the world's leading manufacturer of lighting filter products by constantly looking ahead. Their company culture is one of continuous research and development. They understand the science of what they do, and the art of what they do.

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Lee Pink Rose

Lee Lavender Tint

Lee Amber Medium Bastard
Lee Pale Yellow 007

Lee Pale Yellow
Lee Dark Salmon 008

Lee Dark Salmon

Lee Gold Pale Amber

Lee Yellow Medium

Lee Straw Tint

Lee Deep Straw

Lee Peach Surprise

Lee Fire

Lee Medium Amber

Lee Gold Amber

Lee Dark Amber

Lee Scarlet

Lee Sunset Red

Lee Bright Red

Lee Medium Red

Lee Plasa Red

Lee Light Pink

Lee Medium Pink

Lee Carnation Pink

Lee Dark Magenta Lee 046

Lee Purple Rose
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