Jem: Haze is a subtle medium which, ideally, is unnoticed by the audience until ambient light levels are lowered and projected beams are introduced.

Haze generation is very demanding on its hardware. The perfect haze ambience is developed by a gradual build up of highly reflective, micro sized particles which must be maintained all night long. This means that the haze generator must operate continuously, pushing components such as fans, pumps and heat exchangers to their upper limits.

After years of extensive development, only Jem can offer this rugged hardware, capable of producing a perfect optically translucent haze. Complemented by the specially formulated Pro-Haze Fluid, the Jem range of hazers is guaranteed to produce the perfect ambience, bringing your lights to life, while maintaining a comfortable environment for sensitive performers and audiences alike.

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Pro Smoke 5 Litre

Pro Smoke 9.5 Litre

Pro Smoke 220 Litre

Pro Haze 9.5 litres

READY 365 Fluid 4 x 5L bottles (20L)
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