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Philips in Australia.
Philips Electronics Australia is the local division of Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands, one of the world’s biggest electronics companies and a global leader in healthcare, lighting and consumer lifestyle, delivering people-centric, innovative products, services and solutions through the brand promise of "sense and simplicity. Philips has a long and thriving history as a globally trusted brand since first manufacturing incandescent lamps and other electrical products in 1891. Philips first opened its doors in Australia in 1926 and has been here ever since. All Australian activities are coordinated from the Philips Head office in North Ryde, Sydney.

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7158XHP  24V 150W G6.35

ANSI FCS TYPE A1/216 Description 7158XHP 24V 150W G6.35 Dedo Light Lamp

Philips Lamp ANSI: ELC TYPE: A1/259 Description 13163 24V 250W GX5.3
T19 6996P 1000W GX9.5 240V

Philips Lamp ANSI : FWR TYPE: T19 Description 6996P 240V 1000W GX9.5
Philips T20 Lamp

Philips Lamp TYPE: T20 Description 6996C 240V 1000W P28S
Philips T 21 Lamp

*Discontinued* Philips Lamp TYPE: T21 Description 6998P 240V 650W GX9.5
Philips T25 Lamp

Philips Lamp ANSI: GCW/GCJ TYPE: T25 Description 6820P 240V 500W GY9.5
Philips T27 Lamp

Philips Lamp ANSI:GCT TYPE: T27 Description 6823P 240V 650W GY9.5
Philips Lamp T29 FWT 1200 watt

Philips Lamp ANSI: FWT TYPE:T29 Description 6897P 240V 1200W GX9.5
Philips Lamp GAD Blue Pinch

Philips Lamp ANSI GAD Description 6995I/BP 240V 1000W GY9.5
Philips GKV 6986P 600W G9.5 240V 1CT

Philips Lamp ANSI GKV Description 6986P 240V 600W G9.5
6982P 800W G9.5 240V 1CT

Philips Lamp ANSI GKV 800W Description 6982P 240V 800W G9.5
Philips 7008 750W Heat Sink 240V 1CT

Philips Lamp ANSI HPL750 TYPE Description HPL 750 Watt Heat Sink 240V
Philips BDM CP110 Lamp

Philips Lamp ANSI BDM TYPE CP110 Description 6980Z 80V 1200W G22
Philips Par64 Very Narrow Lamp

Par 64 Lamp ANSI EXC TYPE CP60 Description Par 64 CP60 240V 1000W GX16d Very Narrow Spot

Par 64 Lamp ANSI EXD TYPE CP61 Description Par 64 CP61 240V 1000W GX16d Narrow Spot
Philips Par 64 medium flood lamp

Par 64 Lamp ANSI EXE TYPE CP62 Description Par 64 CP62 240V 1000W GX16d medium flood

Philips TYPE ACL Description PAR 64 ACL 250W 28V
Philips Par 56 Narrow Spot Lamp

PAR 56 Lamp TYPE NSP Description Par 56 240V 300W Narrow Spot
Philips CP70 Lamp

Philips Lamp ANSI: FVB TYPE: CP70 Description 6995P 240V 1000W GX9.5
6995Z 1000W G22 240V 1CT

Philips Lamp TYPE: CP71 Description 6995Z 240V 1000W G22
Philips CP82 FRJ Lamp

ANSI FRJ TYPE CP82 Description 6873P 240V 500W GY9.5 *LIMITED STOCK*
Philips Lamp CP89

Philips Lamp TYPE CP89 Description 6638P 240V 650W GY9.5
Philips Lamp CP91

Philips Lamp TYPE CP91 Description 6894Y 240V 2500W G22
Philips P2/20 Lamp

Philips Lamp TYPE: P2/20 Description 7786R 240V 1000W R7S Linear *LIMITED STOCK*
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