Yamaha : "Quality" is one of those little words that cover a lot of ground. It can mean different things to different people at different times, but at Yamaha it applies to a whole spectrum of concepts that form the backbone of a uniquely conscientious approach to product development and manufacture.

Sonic quality, although it is often the first aspect that comes to mind, is only the beginning. Reliability and durability are just as important, and are in many ways more difficult to achieve with any degree of consistency. Then of course there's safety, both personal and environmental, to which an extensive gamut of important standards apply. Unique to electronic devices is the need to prevent electrical interference, both incoming and outgoing, which is an area that requires an extraordinary level of skill combined with advanced facilities for effective management and control. And quality management must continue even after the product is sold, in the form of support and service.

To achieve the kind of quality that satisfies all conditions all of the time requires focused, unrelenting attention to detail and control right from initial product planning and design through final manufacture and packaging to post-sales support. It is not a simple task, and requires a dedicated organization and infrastructure for effective implementation. This is where many manufacturers fall short, but is where Yamaha's commitment to delivering unequalled quality in all areas is overwhelmingly clear. And the fact that the Yamaha approach works is evident in an outstanding track record and enviable reputation.

Yamaha QL5 Digital Mixing Console 64 mono + 8 Stereo Mix Channels. 16 mix and 8 matrix output busses.

Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixing Console, 32 mono, 8 stereo. 16 mix and 8 matrix busses
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